Currently, wearing a mask is recommended as one of the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. On the market, there are many types of masks (medical, cloth, 3M ...), people need to know the effects of disease prevention when wearing these masks.

Currently, medical masks, fabric masks, 3M masks ... are always hunting for people to prevent epidemics. Usually, the main effects of masks are: Prevent dust, prevent chemicals, car smoke, prevent microorganisms from entering the respiratory tract ... However, preventing dust, chemicals or microorganisms Item depends on the type of mask. At the same time, with the current epidemic situation, masks are used to prevent droplets from being shot from others into the nose and mouth, thus preventing the spread of disease.

Should wear a cloth mask or a medical mask to prevent epidemic?

Wearing a fabric mask is soft and easy to breathe, so many people like to use it, but also wonder if wearing a fabric mask is good or not, can it prevent virus infection?

In fact, most masks such as: 3.4-layer medical masks, 3M masks, N95 medical masks, cloth masks ... can be used to prevent drops from people around like coughing, sneezing, nose mucus, spitting clinging to spit. Therefore, if people cannot buy medical masks, they should not be too worried, but can wear regular fabric masks instead.

However, wearing a medical mask, also known as an active mask, is a disposable mask, fabric masks can be used many times, so it is necessary to have a few pieces to do regular washing at least 1 time / day.

When forgetting to wear a mask, what should be done to prevent epidemic?

Wear a mask, control body temperature, disinfect hands ... to prevent epidemics.

How to wear a mask properly

According to experts, for people in the community, to prevent epidemics, just apply cloth masks or normal 3.4-layer medical masks. Other specialized respirators (3M, N95) are for use when in direct contact with COVID-19 patients.

- When wearing a mask, cover both nose and mouth, avoid touching the mask while wearing it.

- For common medical masks, it is necessary to wear the blue face out and the white side inside, the aluminum clamp facing upwards.

- When you want to remove the mask, avoid using the handle on the mask because it may cause viruses and other pathogens to your hands.

- When removing, should only hold the strap over the ear to remove.

- For normal fabric masks, it is advisable to regularly wash the mask with soap to reuse and regularly wash hands with soap to prevent disease.

What to do when forgetting to bring a mask?

In some cases, you forget to bring medical masks, cloth masks ... with the person who wants to cough or sneeze, blow your nose, it is best to use a tissue and then put it in the garbage with a lid. cover.

If you do not have a tissue on your body, you should cough, sneeze into the elbow, avoid using your hand to cover your mouth because when your hands are infected by coughing or sneezing, it will stick to objects that the sick person is holding such as: doorknobs, Elevator buttons, stair hands, bowls, cups, or shake hands with others ...

As a result, the virus that latches onto these items has a chance to infect others when they touch them. Incorporate prevention measures at the same time Wash hands often with soap under running water or use a quick hand sanitizer; rinse mouth, throat with mouth and throat antiseptic water. Do not go to an epidemic area if it is not absolutely necessary.

In case of going, take steps to prevent epidemics as recommended by the Ministry of Health. Avoid crowded places; Keep a distance of more than 2m from people who have respiratory infections or are suspected of being ill.

If you have symptoms of respiratory infections or suspected of being sick, you should wear a mask to avoid spreading, and immediately go to the medical facility for isolation and diagnostic tests.

Posted by: Sarah Coco | October 09, 2020

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