The nature and people of Da Lat enter into poetry, pictures, art and people's hearts.
Coming to Da Lat, visitors will be immersed in many emotions. Maybe that's why this place has the name people have used to give it: City of Thousands of Flowers, Land of Love, Sad City, Dream City, Land of Peach Blossoms... Nature and people of Da Lat go to these places. poetry, pictures, art, and each person's heart. But no matter how you try to describe it, only when you set foot in it yourself, you will have your own truest feelings.
Da Lat - The cold land of the South.
Photo: Dalat Town
What could be better than being able to escape the heat of Saigon and come to the peaceful Da Lat? Southerners who have never known winter in the North can feel a little bit in Da Lat. The special thing is that the weather in Da Lat is only cold, not too cold… extremely valuable as a resting place.
Because of the cold highland air, Langbiang is very suitable for outdoor activities, sightseeing, camping overnight. Some visitors choose to experience new activities such as climbing to conquer Langbiang peak, paragliding, riding on a Jeep to the top, walking along asphalt roads through magnificent pine forests. From the top of the mountain, you can see the Golden Stream, the Silver Stream and the panoramic view of Da Lat on high with a blanket of fog covering visitors' feet.
With vast pine forests, plenty of lakes, rivers and streams, Da Lat has a wonderful climate. The air here is fresh and cool, different from the stuffiness and crowding of big cities like Saigon and Hanoi. Coming to Da Lat, you can experience 1 day with 4 seasons: Early morning is the weather of spring, noon is summer, afternoon is autumn, and night is winter.... Therefore, Da Lat tourism does not need seasons and months. Da Lat is always beautiful, cool and poetic.
City of Thousands of Flowers
Photo: Flower garden in Dalat
It would be remiss to come to Da Lat without taking pictures with brilliant flowers in the morning sun or magically shimmering before sunset. Flowers are everywhere, along the road from Lien Khuong airport to the city center, along the hillsides, gently sloping roads leading to all directions far from the center.
Nature favors the land of Da Lat with a mild climate, a paradise of many flowers. Wild sunflowers, Mimosa flowers or Peach flowers are the most famous. Currently, Da Lat people still keep many beautiful habits, everyone likes to grow flowers. Flowers are on the porch, along the road, or wild flowers grow everywhere, creating a beautiful image in the hearts of tourists.
Paradise of fresh fruits
Photo: Strawberry garden in Dalat
Besides tourism, farming is the successful direction of Da Lat city. Thanks to the 4-season climate, Da Lat has a lot of vegetables in the South and the North. Going to Da Lat market early in the morning, you can see a lot of fresh goods with broccoli, cabbage, artichokes, strawberries, freshly picked beans… (remember to bid!). Visitors can schedule a tour to Da Lat with a visit to the farmer's orchard. The feeling of being able to hand-harvest those juicy red strawberries is really great!
Extremely chill cafes
Photo: Cafe in Dalat
Nature gives Da Lat a dreamy beauty with a peaceful Xuan Huong Lake. Visitors can choose for themselves a corner of the cafe overlooking the lake or visit one of the many cafes in Hoa Binh area and enjoy lyrical music about Da Lat. A proper cup of filter coffee is like stopping time, giving travelers poetic moments, enjoying life.
The people of Da Lat are famous for being gentle, but the coffee shops are very different, personality and sometimes quite… freaky. For instance, Song Vy cafe is specializie in opening French lyrical music; Cafe Lieu O (ie, fall in love) is located behind Palace II, impressed by the typical garden design of Da Lat; Moc cafe on Ba Trung street, designed entirely of wood, every weekend there is live music sung by very good singers; Tung cafe located in Hoa Binh area only serves classical music for music connoisseurs and coffee connoisseurs; Hundred Mai cafe is like a cave with many nooks and crannies, weird and impromptu design; Come to Da Lat's "unique" and strange coffee shop - Coffee Palace in the afternoon, listen to the husky, fiery and especially ghostly voice of the owner...
Da Lat - a dreamy and gentle city. Let make a diary of your experiences in your travel notebook when you come here.
Posted by: Thùy Linh | October 26, 2022

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