Buon Me Thuot tourism is famous for its immense nature at Mother Elephant Mountain. Elephant Stone Mountain is also the background of thousands of photos with bold mountain style.

Mother Elephant Stone Mountain is located in Yang Tao commune, famous on the tourist map of the Central Highlands with a large number of visitors checking in. Great, massive, and big are the words that you must utter when you see this largest monolith in Vietnam. Coming to this place, tourists will have the opportunity to live virtually freely with the most majestic natural background in Buon Me Thuot.

Da Voi Me Moutain in Vietnam

Da Voi Me Mountain is famous for its majestic mountain landscape. Photo: Luong Viet Cuong

Yang Tao Elephant Stone consists of a pair of Elephant Cha rocks and Mother Elephant stones carry in them the thrilling and mysterious legends often passed on by the people of Dak Lak. In which, Mother Elephant Mountain has many advantages for developing tourism. Mother Elephant Rock has a large size, flat surface, so visitors will not have much difficulty in moving to the top of the mountain and participating in interesting activities here.

Da Voi Me Moutain in Vietnam

Da Voi Me Mountain is about 40 km from the center. Photo: Luong Viet Cuong

Mother Elephant Stone Mountain has a length of about 200m and a circumference of about 500m. Visitors will take an average of 15 minutes to reach the top of the mountain. Because the rocky slope is not too steep, just like a gentle hill, visitors can follow this gentle path to reach the top of the rock. Conquering Voi Stone Mountain is also an interesting experience in Buon Me Thuot tour.

Da Voi Me Moutain in Vietnam

The majestic natural scenery from the top of the mountain. Photo: Phan Loc

Da Voi Me Mountain is the highlight of Buon Me Thuot tourism, both domestic and foreign tourists enjoy conquering this place. Standing from the top of the mountain, you will feel small with majestic nature, the green and wild mountain scenery of Buon Me Thuot collected in sight. From this location, tourists can also see Yang Reh Lake and Chu Yang Sin Range from another angle.

Da Voi Me Moutain in Vietnam

Tourists will own a set of virtual live photos of thousands of likes when they arrive here. Photo: Cuong Khi

Da Voi Me Moutain in Vietnam

Very large Elephant Stone Mountain appeared standing in the middle of the forest. Photo: we25.vn

Visitors from all over the world love the feeling of enjoying the peaceful, peaceful atmosphere amidst the charming nature that the summit of Mother Elephant Mountain brings. The higher it goes, the strong, rushing wind accompanied by the slope of the rock makes people feel unstable but extremely interesting. The weather of the Voi Da Voi area is very cool, pleasant and the air is fresh, fragrant with plants, very pleasing to people.

Da Voi Me Moutain in Vietnam

This place is the place to lightly challenge all conquering hearts. Photo: Cuong Khi

Having loved Buon Me Thuot tourism, do not hesitate to conquer Mother Elephant Mountain to enjoy the fresh air among thousands of friends.

Posted by: Sarah Coco | October 09, 2020

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