On the afternoon of June 4, 2022, Tay Bac Tourism Development Center and VietISO Joint Stock Company signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation and apply digital transformation solutions to exploit the potential and develop tourism in the Northwest area.
The signing ceremony is within the framework of the Scientific Workshop on developing sustainable agricultural and medicinal value chains associated with community tourism at the Son La Innovation Startup Festival 2022 (Techfest Son La 2022).
At the program, experts said that the tourism industry of the northwestern provinces in general, typically Son La, has many advantages and great potential for tourism development, especially community-based tourism copper.
However, despite the great transformation in recent years, the Northwest tourism still faces many challenges and obstacles such as the connection of organizations and businesses is still fragmented; there are no branded products or service packages that touch the emotions of visitors; have not fully exploited local strengths; Inefficient management, not keeping pace with market trends…
To solve these problems, the cooperation between VietISO and the Tay Bac Tourism Development Center will focus on digital transformation with the exploitation of digital technology power, digital data and digital human resources to build the brand, promoting sustainable and comprehensive tourism development, making tourism gradually become a spearhead economic sector of the locality.
Key activities:
  • Deploying the system of Vietnam Tourism Digital Transformation Platform - iTourism. Digitize tourism resources, manage and connect tourism businesses, promote and build a Northwest tourism community for mutual development. The platform plays an important role in helping the management agency understand the local tourism development process, thereby making assessments, trends and appropriate policy recommendations.
The Northwest tourism digital transformation project will be piloted in Ta So, Moc Chau in the near future before replicating the model to the whole region.
  • Consulting, accompanying and implementing digital solutions, applying technology in management and operation to develop brands, increase customers, increase efficiency for tourism service businesses of Northwest.
  • Capacity building training for destination management organizations (DMC), tourism service businesses and people from product development and design, digital marketing to management operating activities. The series of training and training programs is built corresponding to each target group, suitable for expertise and practical needs to solve specific problems.
  • Building and developing a new generation of tourism human resources with training programs and improving the quality and technology skills for students of Tay Bac University. Create opportunities for young people to experience, rub, increase competitive advantage and find work right out of school. This is even more meaningful when you yourself will create meaningful changes, serving the development of your local tourism industry.
Sharing about the cooperation with the Tay Bac Tourism Development Center, Mr. Nguyen Quyet Tam - General Director of VietISO Joint Stock Company said: “Digital transformation plays a very important role for the tourism industry in general and Northwest tourism in particular, especially in the context of the current digital economy and digital society. By cooperating with the Tay Bac Tourism Development Center, we believe and expect that the local tourism will maximize its potential, strengthen its brand, and grow strongly, sustainably and comprehensively in the future. next time."
Posted by: Phương Thảo | October 19, 2022

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