Sapa is a peaceful town in the highlands but hides many wonders of the natural scenery. The natural landscape of Sa Pa is combined with the creativity of people along with the topography of mountains and hills, the green of the forest, like a picture arranged in a harmonious layout to create a beautiful land. beautiful with poetic scenery. Let's find out the beautiful scenes in Sapa that attract tourists.
Sapa – The foggy town (collected photoes)
Lying in the floating clouds makes Sapa town like a foggy city, creating a charming painting. Coming to Sapa, visitors can relax with the fresh and cool atmosphere, bringing many diverse shades.
Coming to Sapa, visitors can enjoy the fresh atmosphere (collected photos).
Sapa has Ham Rong mountain right next to the town, visitors can also go there to see the whole town, Muong Hoa valley, Sa Pa, Ta Phin hidden in the smog. Currently, thanks to human efforts, Ham Rong is really a fruitful landscape of Sapa. Coming to Ham Rong, visitors feel like they are lost in a fairy garden, with clouds filling their bodies and colorful flowers on the ground.
Flower garden in Ham Rong mountain (collected photos)
In Sapa town, there is an ancient church made of stone, and from here going back to the northeast, on the way to Ta Phin cave, there is a monastery built almost entirely of stone on a hillside. Going up about 3 km we will see a cave. In the cave, many stalactites create interesting shapes such as dancing fairies, sitting fairies, distant fields, sparkling forests.
Sapa Stone Church (collected photos)
More specifically, when coming to Muong Hoa valley, there are 196 islands carved with many strange shapes of ancient inhabitants thousands of years ago that many archaeologists still have not been able to decipher. The ancient carving area has been ranked as a national relic and is being proposed by our State to be ranked as a world heritage site. There is also Silver Waterfall from a height of over 200m, the rushing water creates the sound of mountains and forests.
Muong Hoa Valley (collected photos)
The beauty of Silver Waterfall (collected photos)
Sa Pa is also the "kingdom" of fruits, such as flower peaches, big yellow peaches, small yellow peaches, plum plums, purple plums, tam Hoa plums, gladiolus flowers, plum blossoms, pear flowers, peach blossoms, chrysanthemums, and flowers. roses ... especially the immortal flowers live forever with time.
Brilliant flowers in Sapa (collected photos)
Coming to Sapa in the snowy season, visitors will also admire the amazing natural scenery that few places have. The green color of the rice fields on the terraced fields is replaced by the white of the snow, creating a spectacular scene.
Beautiful scenery of terraced fields in the snowy season (collected photos)
There are poetic, enchanting scenes, there are beautiful pine forests shimmering under the sun… Coming to Sapa, we can shake off all our troubles and enjoy our life. Sapa is magically beautiful and is a beautiful landscape picture, so this place has been visited by many tourists, immersing themselves in the nature here. There are many other beautiful Sapa tourist attractions waiting for you to come and explore…!
Posted by: Thùy Linh | October 26, 2022

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