Hoi An - where life is so calm. Hoi An - where it seems that the involuntary flow of time cannot bury the ancient atmosphere. The old tiled roofs covered with moss, the streets filled with red lanterns, the delicately carved panels are all bringing us back to the world of a few hundred years ago. That is just a simple part of Hoi An ancient town, but it is enough to make people fall in love and forget the way home.


There is such a simple Hoi An - Photo: X X


With old tiled roofs covered with moss - Photo: Viet Nguyen


And the streets are flooded with red lanterns - Photo: Kees Straver

Hoi An Ancient Town is an old town located in the lower Thu Bon river, in the coastal plain of Quang Nam province, about 30km south of Da Nang city. Hoi An ancient town is encapsulated in Minh An ward with an area of ​​only 2km2 with a special terrain in the style of a chessboard that is characterized by short and narrow streets, winding, horizontal and vertical, making people We can easily meet each other every turn.


Narrow streets create the chessboard terrain for Hoi An ancient town - Photo: Viet Nguyen

According to statistics Hoi An has 1360 monuments including 1068 ancient houses, 11 old wells, 38 ethnic churches, 19 pagodas, 43 temples, 23 communal houses, 44 special ancient tombs and a bridge. Although space and time keep moving, Hoi An ancient town still retains its oldest beauty. It is like a place where one can find a relic population preserved almost intact, making Hoi An a unique place in the modern chronicle.

Heritage-of-Hoi An Ancient Town

A Hoi An today still intact the old values ​​- Photo: Khanh Hmoong

Coming to Hoi An today, we feel like we are going back in time, lost in the traditional atmosphere of a busy Nguyen Dynasty trading port. Coming to Hoi An today is able to leave all the temptations of life to live fully in every moment.

Heritage of Hoi An Ancient Town

Go back in time, return to the busy commercial port for a while - Photo: Howie44

Visit temples that are hundreds of years old

The temples built between the seventeenth century to the middle of the eighteenth century are one of the attractive destinations in the ancient town of Hoi An. They are Ba Pagoda, Ong Temple, Chuc Thanh Pagoda, Phuoc Lam Pagoda, Van Duc Pagoda, Hai Tang Pagoda.

Heritage of Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An attracts visitors from all over the world by pagodas dating back several hundred years - Photo: Kelvin Nguyen Tien Nhan

Most of the temples in Hoi An were built to worship the fairies, the people who founded the town, society and Minh Huong commune. Therefore, one often sees a typical architectural style with refractory brick walls, yin and yang roofs and the position of the altar in the middle space. All of these elements are most clearly shown in the Temple. He is also known as Quan Cong Temple, the temple is located at the corner of Tran Phu street intersecting with Nguyen Hue street, which is considered as a relic bearing typical of the temple architecture of the Minh Huong people in Hoi An.

Heritage of Hoi An Ancient Town

Ong Hoi An Temple Ong pagoda (or Quan Cong Temple) worships Quan Van Truong, a symbol of loyalty - faith - period - meaning - Photo: Mark Abel

Quan Cong Temple is also considered as the religious center of Hoi An merchants and for that reason, until today, every January 13 and June 24 of the lunar calendar every year, Ong pagoda festival is The organization attracts a lot of tourists to gather.

Pho co Hoi An

And is the typical temple of the temple architecture of the Minh Huong in Hoi An - Photo: Collectibles

But what makes people most impressed is the Covered Bridge, the famous pagoda with fancy architecture forming a symbol of Hoi An temple and temple. Japanese Covered Bridge is also known as Japanese temple, built in Japanese style, but after many restoration works, it is found to be increasingly bold Vietnamese - Chinese culture.

Chua Cau Hoi An

But the most famous in Hoi An is the Japanese Covered Bridge - Photo: Khoi Tran Duc

Cau Pagoda is about 18m long, with a roof, made of wood with meticulously carved lacquer, curving through the creek running to Thu Bon River, connecting Tran Phu Street and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street. The pagoda does not have a Buddha statue, but the main hall has a wooden statue of Bac De Tran Vo as expressing the human aspirations for happiness and joy of the ancient people of Hoi An.

Pho co Hoi An

The temples and shrines serve as a place to send dreams about the happy life of the people of the old town - Photo: Nguyen Khoi

Visit Hoi An - Visit the assembly halls of the Chinese

What many people find most interesting when coming to Hoi An is circling on the roads throughout this ancient city. Get lost on Tran Phu Street, enjoy ancient style architecture and time-stamped old houses, where one can admire the typical architecture of the old town of Hoi An.

Pho co Hoi An

To Hoi An is to visit the Assembly Hall of the Chinese - Photo: Dalbera

Tran Phu is also the road that we see the most Chinese synagogues in Hoi An.Starting from Cau pagoda, looking at the right hand side, in turn, are the five guilds that appear in sight: the Chinese Assembly Hall, Assembly Hall of Cantonese Chinese Congregation, Assembly Hall of Fujian, Assembly Hall of Chaozhou Congregation, Assembly Hall of Qiangzhou represents the five major overseas Chinese population here.

pho co Hoi An

Most of the clubs are gathered on Tran Phu street - Photo: Passenger32A

Hoi An's synagogues are built majestically and splendidly with elaborate decorations, wooden frames painted with yellow vermilion, fancy and colorful sculptures. It is a place of community activities and also a way that the Chinese in Hoi An remember their homeland.

Pho co Hoi An

The gorgeous decoration style bold Chinese art - Photo: Chris & Steve

Visit Hoi An - Ru yourself in traditional festivals

Famous as a busy trading port from ancient times, where the trade of Dang Trong was exchanged with traders from Japan, China, India, the Netherlands ... for that reason, Hoi An is the meeting place and intersection of many cultures around the world. There, people see the long-standing beliefs of the nation merging with the imported civilizations, creating a unique and different identity but with a very simple and ordinary style.

Pho co Hoi An

Interference of many cultures but still does not lose the identity of Hoi An - Photo: Cao Anh Tuan

The traditional festival atmosphere in Hoi An always has its own charm. People enjoy seeing with their own eyes the festivals to admire the village princes, the festival to commemorate the ancestors of the profession, to celebrate the saints or to the festivals of religious beliefs.

Pho co Hoi An

Characterized in the worshiping beliefs of the village royal citadel - Photo: Radiga

Especially on the night of the 14th lunar month every month, the full moon festival of the old town takes place in the space of the moonlight and shimmering lights of lanterns. These days, Hoi An has no electric light, but wherever people can see the moon, the moon makes the old town more beautiful, more subtle the style of the old days makes anyone. must also hesitate in mind.

Pho co Hoi An

Sparkling night on the old town - Photo: Phil Nguyen

These days, coming to Hoi An, visitors can also immerse themselves in folk games, playing cards, singing, dating rice, playing chess, and are more popular than releasing flowers. Flowers carry the emotions and troubles of human beings drifting with the flowing water.

Pho co Hoi an

Drop flowers to release your troubles, to pray for good luck - Photo: Thien Bui

Hoi An is now more beautiful than ever, a poetic Hoi An hidden in a magical atmosphere bursting out from a colorful lantern and then flailing in singing voices resounding from the children. boat under river dock. All create a different color, full of romance but also full of nostalgia.

Pho co Hoi An

Hoi An romantic full moon nights full of nostalgia - Photo: Collectibles

When visiting Hoi An, remember to enjoy typical cuisine of the Old Quarter

Coming to Hoi An is to enjoy all of Hoi An's cuisine, which is the quintessence and art of many cultures in the old town.

Pho co Hoi an

Hoi An is very small, but there is no shortage of delicious food - Photo: Buithang

Although Hoi An is very small, there is no shortage of delicious food. It can be Pho Hoi Chicken Rice, Hoi An Cao Lau, dumplings - cauldron cake, Hoi An water fern cake, fried mussel cake, corn tea, Quang noodle, wonton, wet cake or Hoi An pancake.

Hoi An food

Rich and diverse cuisine brings the spirit of the old town - Photo: Collectibles

It is a list of 10 delicacies that you must try when traveling on the old streets. These are very simple dishes but the deep soul of Hoi An. Not only delicious food, but also very impressed with the style of decoration and service in Hoi An ancient town. The restaurants are adorned with some old paintings, a few flower pots, ornamental plants, a few handicrafts or aquariums and rockery to bring a subtle atmosphere of nature, both traditional and modernity makes people's mind suddenly relax and peaceful.

Pho co Hoi An Viet Nam

A Hoi An is both traditional and modern, making people immersed in hard-to-shape emotions - Photo: Declan Keane

Hoi An is so beautiful, the beauty is adorned by the tireless flow of nature. I hope that this town is forever ancient like that, leaving on me but the imprint of time, so that people today and tomorrow will still have the opportunity to admire the cultural quintessence intact from In the old days, after daily chaos, people had a place to go home, immerse themselves in nostalgia, where the crowds of life did not exist yet.

Posted by: Sarah Coco | October 08, 2020

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