Japan is planning to gradually lift international travel warnings from October to promote the lifting of entry restrictions in other countries around the world, led by Austalia, New Zealand and Vietnam.

Accordingly, since October 1, Tokyo accepts entry to foreigners who have a residence permit in Japan for more than 3 months. This is the first time Japan has lowered the tourist warning in the context of a pandemic.

Vietnam is in the Top 10 of Japan to lower tourist warning

Previously busy tourist scene in Tokyo.

The plan is supposed to promote the lifting of entry restrictions that are being implemented in many other countries. From the other side, whether or not to accept visitors from Japan, the final decision depends on the governments of those countries.

Vietnam is in the Top 10 of Japan to lower tourist warning

A temple with a beautiful view overlooking Mount Fuji.

Japan has previously issued travel advisories regarding Covid-19 and warnings about infectious diseases, adopting a system of four levels depending on the potential risk and safety at related places. However, these warnings are not legally binding on Japanese nationals traveling, but depending on the destination country accepting or denying them entry.

As of the end of September, Tokyo has placed 159 countries and regions, including China and the US, at level 3. That is, calling on Japanese citizens to avoid traveling to those places because period what reason. But starting October 1, Japan lowered the warning level to level 2 with countries with low rates of Covid-19 infection relative to the total population (numbers in the previous 2 weeks) - only recommended. people avoid "unnecessary" trips.

Vietnam is in the Top 10 of Japan to lower tourist warning

A scene often seen previously on the streets in Yokohama.

Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Brunei and Belgium will be on this list, but when you return to Japan visitors must still comply with the 2-week quarantine rule, according to Nikkei Asia newspaper. Japan is also promoting negotiations with 16 other countries and regions including Vietnam, mainland China and Taiwan (China) to resume business trips for business purposes. Tokyo's move to loosen the travel warning is believed to help reach an agreement in these talks soon.

Posted by: Sarah Coco | October 09, 2020

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