On March 28th, iTourism Platform excellently passed the presentation and final round with high appreciation from the Professional Council. In the end, iTourism won the title of Sao Khue 2022 in the category of Digital Transformation Platform in the field of Tourism.

Sao Khue program is the most reliable and prestigious professional assessment activity of Vietnam's software and information technology (IT) services industry. The program to vote and recognize the best and most prestigious products and services of Vietnam's software and IT services industry is organized annually by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), from 2003. Products and services awarded with Sao Khue Award with outstanding quality and efficiency are always trusted, selected by customers, creating a competitive advantage in the market.

The iTourism platform is developed by VietISO Joint Stock Company with the orientation and vision of becoming an IOC data center for tourism activities across the country. The goals of iTourism are:

  • Digitizing Tourism Industry Data: Department of Tourism, Tourism Enterprises, Tourism Resources, Tourists, Travel Services, Tour Guides, Tourism Events, Announcements, Opinions… going forward Digital conversion;
  • Optimizing management activities of state management agencies in charge of tourism and tourism organizations with digital solutions to save time, costs and increase efficiency;
  • Strengthening interaction and connection between Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and Department of Tourism and tourism enterprises, between management agencies and affiliated enterprises;
  • Easily identify the overview of Vietnam Tourism Industry based on real-time data; Receiving comments from tourism businesses is the easiest and most convenient;
  • Forming a tourism resource center in order to improve efficiency in activities of Promotion, Communication and Marketing of Tourism products;
  • Organize and manage Tourism Events: Promotions, Trade Shows, Conferences, Seminars, Forums... according to global standards;
  • Management of tourism resource system: Natural tourism resources, social tourism resources, humanistic tourism resources;
  • Developing a Digital Platform in the Tourism Industry, improving the competitiveness of Vietnam's Tourism;
  • Forming a transparent and sustainable online tourism business environment. Promoting Digital Transformation of Vietnam's Tourism Industry

Not only impressing with the social values brought, but iTourism Platform is also highly appreciated by the Professional Council of Sao Khue Award for its technology application solution, synchronous implementation capacity and development potential. Future. Those are advantages that no other unit and solution can fully meet.

In recent years, Vietnam's tourism industry has been implementing many digitization activities in the context of the current strong impact of Industry 4.0. However, these activities are still fragmented and have not maximized efficiency because the database has not been shared for connection and homogeneity. This leads to more difficulties in managing, controlling, reporting industry data and making judgments about development trends.

The introduction of the iTourism Platform helps to enhance the interaction and close connection between the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Department of Tourism, Tourism Organizations and affiliated tourism businesses, improving management quality, and at the same time easy easily aggregate, report to make assessment, industry development strategy based on Digital Platform, Digital Data in real time.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, 2022 will be the year to strongly promote digital transformation in all industries on a national, all-people and comprehensive scale. This is the first year of implementing new strategies: Digital Infrastructure, Data, Digital Technology Industry, Vietnam Digital Technology Enterprises, Digital Government, Digital Economy and Digital Society. Technology businesses continue to be the pioneering force in this work. The Sao Khue Award 2022 with the pioneering mission of "Instigating digital transformation", will continue the mission of selecting, promoting, and branding digital platforms, digital services, and digital solutions, contributing to rapid growth. quickly put digital solutions into solving socio-economic problems, aiming to create complete digital ecosystems for all industries and fields.

The Sao Khue award is the driving force for iTourism to continue to improve and develop dramatically, accompanying Vietnam's tourism industry on the journey of digital transformation in a new context.

Posted by: Phương Thảo | October 20, 2022

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