Responding to the domestic tourism demand stimulus program under the direction of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and implementing the strategy of bringing "Vietnamese to Vietnam", early June 2020, Vietnam Community Tourism Association Nam has organized a famtrip group for more than 80 travel agencies nationwide to experience the fascinating destinations of the "Northeast Arc Arc" journey from Hanoi - Quang Ninh - Lang Son - Cao Bang - Bac Kan - Thai Nguyen.

The golden time for domestic tourism

According to our record, after several months of "hibernation" due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism is probably one of the fastest-recovering industries with a series of meetings from central to local to bring launching attractive tourism stimulus programs, pulling tourists back with completely "renewed" tours.

Improving the quality of the destination "Northeast Arc"

Right in Hanoi, the People's Committee of Hoan Kiem District has proposed many solutions to overcome difficulties for businesses as well as promote activities to stimulate tourism demand in the district. It is expected that on July 1, the district will open an expanded pedestrian space in the south of the Old Quarter; organize many cultural events, culinary festivals, craft villages, attractive promotion months ... Especially the district will focus on building and implementing pilot project of developing the night economy in the direction of organizing overnight. Type according to the model held indoors and outdoors, in walking space...

In addition, the district also proposed to build "milestone 0" of Hanoi and the whole country at the Hoan Kiem pedestrian space to become a highlight not only of the capital but also of the whole country to attract international visitors to visit. . In the third quarter, the district will offer a 40% discount on electric cars for visitors to the old town ...

In particular, the complex of historic Hoang Thanh Thang Long (Hanoi) also responded to the domestic tourism stimulus program through many attractive promotion policies for visitors from June to December 2020 such as exemption from fees for car notes and parking for groups of visitors; 50% off combo photo shoots of royal costumes and heritage tickets; 30% off combos to enjoy the Royal Citadel art and folk performances; donate more services to organize incense offering ceremony to commemorate the gods at Kinh Thien Palace.

Improving the quality of the destination "Northeast Arc"

Arriving in Quang Ninh, Legacy Yen Tu Resort welcomes us in pure Vietnamese space at a tourist complex designed in the architectural style and interior of the 13th century Tran ancient palace, imbued with the spirit of meditation and Vietnamese cultural identity. The unique ancient architectural lines, raw natural materials touch our hearts and vibrate our senses. The accommodation rooms are designed with surprisingly unique interior materials such as walls made of rice husks, jute sacks, old-style wooden bolts, floors made of local ceramic that have been lost. , decorative materials are all made of Phu Lang, Bat Trang pottery ... creating a pure Vietnamese cultural space, delicate and full of emotions.

Legacy Yen Tu refines the cultural essence of the Vietnamese people and the powerful energy of Yen Tu mountain to become the door connecting the nation's heroic past, leading visitors to the epic story of the king. Tran Nhan Tong Buddha culture in cultural space imbued with Vietnamese soul. This is considered a new legacy in Yen Tu, a new pride of Vietnamese people. In order to serve Vietnamese tourists, Legacy Yen Tu currently has many attractive promotion policies.

Also in Quang Ninh, we also visited Quang Hanh hot spring - a new service opened in mid-May 2020; is considered the largest Onsen bathing experience area in Vietnam today.

Improve destination quality than discounts

At most destinations, local leaders as well as the Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism of the province actively organized seminars to stimulate tourism demand and exchange experiences with travel agencies to promote tourism. Vietnamese tourists come to Vietnamese tours.

Improving the quality of the destination "Northeast Arc"

The tourism industry of Quang Ninh province introduces many attractive discount travel combos with the participation of more than 100 businesses, tour operators ... In June, July 2020, Quang Ninh supports 100% of the cost of high quality bus. from Van Don airport to Uong Bi; Free tickets to Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay ...

Representative of the tourism industry of Bac Kan province said: Bac Kan is facing many difficulties, entertainment services, relaxation, cultural life experience, insufficient facilities, low quality, transport infrastructure limit. In 10 years, from 2010 to 2019, Bac Kan welcomed only about 3.3 million visitors, although Bac Kan has over 400 intangible heritages, many of which are on the national heritage list. In the coming time, Bac Kan will focus on building the Ba Be-Bac Kan highway, continuing to develop homestays, implementing projects to preserve tourism culture, improve canoes in Ba Be Lake; attracting investors such as FLC Group, Saigon - Ba Be Joint Stock Company ... Currently, service prices in Bac Kan are very low compared to the whole country, so the tourism industry in Bac Kan province proposes to keep the price unchanged but improve. quality of customer service by the added value.

Agreeing with the above opinion, Ms. Tran Thi Minh Thao, director of products and services of Vietravel Tourism Company emphasized: Provinces should focus on improving the quality of destinations, trying to develop strong and sufficient storage facilities. to ensure the service standards of domestic and foreign guests. However, great attention must be paid to preserving and preserving natural landscapes, ecological zones, ancient architectures ... because it is a valuable heritage of each locality. I think the price stimulus price reduction is only a temporary option in a short time. We need to improve product quality, not to force each other to reduce prices leading to poor quality. Vietravel currently has many products "Northeast arc" and is committed to bringing many customers to this road.


Ms. Cao Pham Hang, director of Vietjetours Tourism Company, wondered when the flight price was still high, so it is difficult for domestic tourist destinations to compete with foreign tours. Currently, the land tour part is relatively stable because the provinces have built a stimulus program with many attractive discount programs. Northeast tour with unique historical destinations, so travel agencies doing this tour need to choose a tour guide with knowledge of the destination. After the survey, we still find that there is still a delicate problem that has been commented many years ago that toilets at destinations should be paid more attention and improved cleanliness.

Currently, we are in the "new normal" phase, so we should not be subjective but must pay attention to changing eating habits. Cuisine in the North in general and the Northeast in particular are very rich, many famous local specialties and delicious. However, we should not maintain the habit of picking up food for others with our chopsticks. Each dish served should have a common pair of chopsticks for everyone to use, not using individual chopsticks to pick up food together. Everyone should also have their own cup of dipping sauce. Wearing masks should also maintain crowded places, attractions.

Posted by: Sarah Coco | October 09, 2020

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